Thursday, October 11, 2007

Aimee G.

Hi class of 1992, this is Aimee (Wainwirght) Gunn with a quick update of what I have been doing over the last 15 years.

I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a B.A. in 1997. I then moved to central Florida and started working as a kindergarten teacher.

I met my husband at the school and we were married two years later in 1999. My husband started working at Faith Presbyterian Church in town.

After three years of teaching, I decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree in Spanish. I graduated from Bennington College in 2003 with a Master of Arts in Teaching a Second Language.

The same summer we went to Russia to adopt our four and a half-year-old daughter. She was in an orphanage about two hours from St. Petersburg, Russia. She has been a blessing to us! We just celebrated her fourth year with us. She loves dance class and karate and singing. I am home-schooling Hannah for one year to help her with reading.

I taught elementary and high school Spanish for six years and then in December 2006, I had my first baby, Caleb Gregory Gunn. I am happy staying at home taking care of him. He is now eight months old.

I keep busy helping my husband with church activities and the youth. I am also teaching Spanish and our church once a week and substituting at school once a week.

My parents are back from the mission field after 15 years. It is nice to have them live here in Brooksville, FL., where we live.

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Daria said...

Aimee! I was so happy to hear an update from you and your family! = ) such blessings in your life! You sound like you’ve been amazingly busy! Wow.
If you would be open to it, I would value hearing about your thoughts on adoption—I have been interested in adoption since high school, and now, given my profession, I see more of the incredible differences adoptive parents can make in their children’s lives! : ) I know, though, that there can be many challenges, even just in the logistics of adoption. In any case, I enjoyed hearing about your Hannah. : ) And how wonderful for you to have your parents back and so close by! : )
I am still hoping to be able to come out to see my grandparents sometime this year, in which case I will definitely give you a call! : )
Blessings to you~
Daria : )