Thursday, October 11, 2007

Patti M.

Hi friends from the class of 1992! This update finds the Moore family happily settled in Anchorage, Alaska. Few of you saw my boys and me in Colorado during a very short 1.5-year period of time in 2003/2004. We were living with my parents while my husband Jay was serving an Air Force remote assignment in South Korea. I say it was "short" but you all know what I mean, in retrospect it was a cake walk compared to the hundreds of thousands of spouses waiting for their soldiers to come safely home to them from war. It was a blessed time for us as it gave my boys a chance to learn about and love their grandparents. This is not possible for military children usually. Oh yes, there is something to that saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

We moved to Alaska in March of 2004 and have been eating this place up since then! If it does not include tackle, mud, outboard motors, downriggers, hip waders or snow we don't want to do it! Some of you know what I'm talking about. What a great place to raise little boys (and a big one as well). I am no longer a priss, can handle the smell of fish and even love to clean the ones I catch! I've come a loooong way.

Jay still pilots the F-15C Eagle and is as qualified as he can ever get. This is how he knows he is one of the old guys and that his time left in the Eagle is very limited. I have personally had a love hate relationship with the fighter community until a few years back, what a perfect "picture" of the world we live in. I have grown in my faith in ways that I never dreamed possible. We anticipate January as Jay's departure from the jet forever unless God blesses him with an attached flyer status in his next job. We will be reassigned to Elmendorf AFB here in Anchorage and are excited to stay for as long as the Lord allows us. Four more years until retirement!

I continue to "keep the home fires burning", literally. It's cold here. I clean our igloo regularly and make sure our sled dogs are well fed and ready for carpool. Our boys Jacob and Brandon are six and nine and enjoy their smallish, private, Christian school (sound familiar everyone?). They are in first and fourth grades. These boys can do anything grown up men can do here in Alaska. Hunt, fish, camp and they ski like demons. I love their independence! We have just celebrated twelve years of marriage and are so encouraged by knowing first hand that everything has gotten better with time and will continue to do so. The Lord has truly blessed.


Daria said...

Patti! Ah, it was wonderful reading your update!—what fun! And how happy I am for you that you have such precious blessings! Amazing, the turns our lives can take, right? And the ways in which we end up developing. Cool. = ) Brian (my brother) and I keep talking about taking a trip up to Alaska in the next couple years—maybe to celebrate when he finishes his studies (he also went back to school and is going into a different career, studying philosophy now at Notre Dame). If that happens, I’ll definitely send a shout-out to you, to see if we can visit. : )
Enjoy the winter fun these next months!
Continued blessings to you and your family~
Daria : )

Missy Parks said...

Patti, how do you have such an good memory? I just ate a peppermint patty today. Wow. Anyway, are you absolutely freezing? I am. You inspire me. I loved your Christmas letter. Thanks for thinking of me. When are you visiting? Missy