Thursday, October 11, 2007

Heidi H.

I studied English, Philosophy and Theatre at UCCS, so with my year abroad in England I took just over six years to finish college! During my time at Bristol University in England, I met my husband Kevin, a physicist and aspiring opera singer. After a brief and transatlantic courtship, we married in 1999. We lived on his narrowboat on the river
Avon for several years, and I developed a freelance career writing for magazines/internet clients and also teaching drama.

In 2003, I launched my children's performing arts school (a franchise of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools) in Bristol, and in 2005 bought another branch. I now manage a staff of seven and look after the performing arts training of over 150 children on a weekly basis.

While all of that has been going on, I've further developed my interests in what I would loosely call 'storytelling' by completing an MA in Archaeology for Screen Media (artifacts and film-making—shared between archaeology and drama departments at Bristol University), and also a diploma in Scriptwriting. Recently my freelance work has centered on the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Two years ago we finally moved off the narrowboat and onto dry land where we are living happily in central Bristol with our two cats. My husband has now given up physics and science presenting in favor of singing opera, and has finished his training at Birmingham Conservatoire—we're hoping he gets a place with Welsh National Opera chorus (which is at least commutable!). No children yet, but watch this space!

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Daria said...

Heidi, wow—what a cool, off-beat series of experiences constitute your story! Thinking about it and the curiosity and openness you always had, it does seem probable, though, that you’d be leading this kind of life. : ) With your various writing endeavors, do you plan to write up some of your anecdotes about your own life—like, living on a houseboat on the Avon River? And running a performing-arts school for young children? You’d have at least one really enthusiastic reader! = ) hehe I think that is so cool about your husband going into opera! Opera is great! = ) I hope he finds a position that will allow you to keep going with your school.
Best to you in all your endeavors~
Daria : )