Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dawn M.

Time flies, huh? Fifteen years is such a long time so I'll err on the side of brevity.

I went to college near Chicago, IL, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I taught in poverty stricken areas for seven years and loved it. (Earned a master’s degree somewhere in that time as well.)

I've been married for nine years to an upstate NY fellow named Benjie McLain and we have three boys: Tristan, six, is a first grader; Aiden, four, is our bundle of energy; Landon, one, was eight weeks premature and is still being spoiled by all of us. (He's the last one, though!) For the past three years, I've been staying home with the kids.

Three years ago we also decided to move to Florida to be closer to my family. As much as we loved the weather, being close to my parents, and close to Disney World, it really wasn't working out for us. So this past March my husband took a management position at a hospital in Springfield, IL. We love it here and hope to stay for a long time. And that is my update in a very tiny nutshell!

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Daria said...

Dawn—Wow, I was so impressed to hear about your teaching experiences! That is so awesome—especially, that you loved it! ;-) Working in the lowest-income schools in the city, I saw some really sad stuff re: the state of our schools in this country!!—truthfully, it’s one of those “fire-in-the-belly” kinds of things for me! >grr< We’ve got to change the funding mechanisms for schools—we are creating and maintaining inequality of all kinds the way things are right now. So, um, calming back down a bit ;-), it was neat to hear that you were in the thick of things making a positive difference! : )
Your family photo is beautiful—what cutie-pie boys you have! = ) Wonderful you get to be home with them….

Best to you~
Daria : )