Thursday, October 11, 2007

Brandon F.

I was going to only catch everyone up for the last five years or so, but then I thought there might be people on this list who weren’t at the reunion. So a quick catch-up…

• After CSCS, I attended Christ for the Nations where I received an Associates in Theology

• I began my freshman year at UCCS but got distracted by a Congressional internship in Washington D.C

• After the internship, I would have returned to school but then I got distracted by the U.S. Navy where I spent five years flying in S-3 Vikings and P-3 Orions. During most of that time I was living in Italy and traveling extensively throughout Europe and Africa

• I returned to Colorado and to UCCS where I finished my English Literature degree with a minor in Film Studies

OK, that catches me up to the reunion. Now on to the past five years:

Since we last met, I married the beautiful Stephanie whom many of you met at the reunion. We lived in downtown Colorado Springs for a couple of years while I worked as a producer and video editor at a small production company.

A year and a half ago, we moved to Manhattan so I could get my MA in Cinema Studies from NYU. The move also allowed Stephanie to fulfill a dream — though we had a commuter marriage for the duration of my schooling (I graduated in December of '07), she now works for NASA in Washington D.C.!

Outside of school, I have been working for several different media corporations including Sony Pictures. I have taken over as The Colorado Springs Gazette's official film critic. I also review films for Christianity Today magazine and several websites. While I certainly enjoy being a film critic, I hope to begin as a producer/screenwriter soon.

We now live in Washington D.C. but are already drooling at the chance to move back to New York City, a city we utterly adore.

I had to include one more picture. Just because I know it is sure to shock!

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Daria said...

Brandon~ I like how you frame your story. = ) Your journey encourages me, and shows God’s goodness.
Thank you again so much for creating this amazing blog site! That was so thoughtful!
Daria : )

Katie Schaffer said...

Brandon - I'm not sure that "Thanks" are enough for all you've done for our class over the years! But, thanks for putting this whole thing together. It is really nice to catch up with everyone, at least electronically. You're awesome! -Katie

Missy Parks said...

Brandon, (and Stephanie) look at me! Leaving you a message on a blog! Wow. I'm excited. Thanks for stopping by over Christmas. It was really nice to see you. I love hearing about your amazing, exciting, adventurous life. Both of you! I appreciate you both taking the time to stop by! Sorry you didn't get to see Tori! Love to you both, Missy