Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amy Z.

Onto the Ziuchkovski family news (that is pronounced Zeech-ko-ski)! Yes, it is Polish. :)

Rick and I have been married for eight and 1/2 wonderful years. God is good! He has blessed us in many ways this year! Last year was a tough year for our family health wise, as I was diagnosed with chronic illness. But God has given us the strength, resources, peace and ingenuity that we needed, and still need as we both adjust diets, schedules and stress levels so my health stays on the up and up. Rick has been a great help and support to me during this trial and I thank God for him. He helps me laugh at our struggles, as we both continue to "break down" in our "old age." God knew we needed each other.

We still live in Muncie, Indiana. It is a great little town and has been a wonderful place to raise three very special little ones.

Abby is six and 1/2 and is a very energetic loving girl. She brings joy and life into just about any situation. Kids look to her for a laugh. She also brings many beautiful songs, by voice and/or piano (mostly all original) into our days. She has grown so much this summer even, in maturity and stature. She has both Rick's and my energy, my people skills and Rick's fun humor. She's a great little girl!

Chrissy just tuned five this July. She is a sweet and sensitive little girl who loves people too, but in a more quiet way. She is our one who is always coming up to give us kisses and hugs, telling us, "I love you mommy/daddy." She also loves to sing constantly, especially praise songs. She's one of our little engineers, always asking questions and trying to figure things out. She is a joy.

Timothy will turn two in September. He is our special other little engineer. He has tons of energy but still lots of hugs for Mommy and Daddy. He keeps us on our toes right now, as he is into everything...but he also keeps us laughing. He loves his big sisters, and tries to do just about everything they do. He also loves shoes and going "bye - bye." Whenever he thinks it is time to go anywhere he will try to get to everyone's shoes and help us put them on. He's a ton of fun.

(This picture was taken when we were in Colorado for a few days for Rick's brother's wedding. The order is from left to right: Chrissy, Tim and Abby.)

Rick is still teaching High School Mathematics in Anderson IN. He enjoys teaching the AP Calculus and pre-Calc classes there. He also teaches a couple of Math and environmental science classes at Ball State University, here in Muncie. He does a great job teaching both, as he enjoys the variety of students.

We have been involved in a small church here in Muncie and that has been our lifeline and family, away from home. They are a special group of believers! When I was unable to care for the kids for several days some of the ladies came and helped us out. What a blessing and lesson in servanthood! Praise God for such a special church family! We enjoy working with the little ones and our Bible study. I also enjoy working with the worship team and leading the music for some of the Christmas musicals. We are very thankful for them and what God has shown us through this family of believers.

I love being able to be home with our kids. It makes being so far away from family and friends worth it. My only struggle is trying to get enough play and special time with them. :) I am still teaching private piano and voice lessons and even one guitar lesson. It is challenging and I enjoy it.

That is the "Z" family for you all. I am so excited to hear how everyone is doing and how God is working in your lives. We are blessed to have had the opportunity to go to a school where we could know and pray for one another.

May the Lord bless you and Keep you until we meet again.


Daria said...

Amy~ I really enjoyed reading your update! What great descriptions of your children! : )
And how wonderful you get to be home with them and continue to teach some music lessons. : ) I am so glad to hear that you’ve got such great support around you, including a wonderful church home. If ever you want to talk about health resources or coping ideas re: illness and disability (or just to talk with someone your own age who “gets it”), please contact me (you’ve got my email from what Brandon sent out at first)! I’ve walked it myself and with my mom, and it would be my joy to be able to share something that could possibly help or encourage you in your journey! : )

Grace and Peace to you~
Daria : )

Amanda said...

Hi Amy!

It's been so long since we've seen each other! It's good to read your post and hear how you are doing. Let us know when you are in CO again!!