Thursday, October 11, 2007

Beth P.

Wow, I can’t believe how much has changed in the five years since we had our 10-year reunion. In many ways I agree with Brandon, it feels like just yesterday that we all met up again for that 10-year reunion!

Here’s a snapshot of my life now:

My husband, Lanny, and I have been married for 11.5 years; we will reach 12 years in October. Our daughters, Mikaela and Eliana, are nine and seven years old. Their red hair and sweet hearts continue to draw a lot of attention wherever we go – Wal-Mart or New York City!

We live in Falcon, which doesn’t seem so much like Kansas anymore! For those of you no longer in the Colorado Springs area, Falcon now boasts several amenities – Super Wal-Mart, Safeway, several fast food chains….yeah, we’ve become “big city”! ☺

Lanny works at Westone Laboratories, Inc. Westone makes a custom product for the ear canal – hearing aids, in-ear monitors for musicians, water plugs for swimmers, etc.

I am currently working at home (WOO-HOO!) as an administrative assistant for several women who own their own business – I absolutely love it. I get to be in my pj’s all day (if I want) and do something that I am good at! It gives me the freedom to be available for my husband, my girls, and the ministry God has me in.

In June (2007) I was honored to be able to travel with ten other people from my church to Nairobi, Kenya to minister with Mathare Worship Center in Mathare Valley. Mathare is the second largest slum in Kenya with about 600,000 people living within a six square mile radius. Our church, Calvary Worship Center, has formed a sister-church relationship with MWC and God is honoring the relationship we have built with the body over there. I was there for two weeks and absolutely fell in love with the people of our church there. A part of my heart remains in Mathare Valley, Kenya.

Outside of sitting at the computer all day, raising my girls and loving on my husband, God has given me a heart for discipleship and counseling other women (Isaiah 61:1-4). I am in the process of pursuing a degree and/or certification in Biblical Counseling (need to land on a program) and waiting on God’s timing for some things.

I would love to hear from anyone!

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Daria said...

Beth—It was great hearing your energy and enthusiasm and how it is being channeled into love of God and people! = ) yay
I pray the Spirit would continue speaking in and through you and that your desire for a deeper walk with Jesus will be fulfilled. The verses you list (Isa 61) are something powerful and deep, indeed—revealing the amazing heart of our God. May you find the doors open for you for the ministry training God has prepared for you.
Daria : )