Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tasha D.

Briefly, here's what I'm up to…

I work for Frontier Airlines as a flight attendant. I have been there for four years.

Currently, I am attending flight school in Denver to get all of my pilot's licenses, and plan to take a job either with the airlines eventually, or maybe get a helicopter pilot license and try to find a job doing some sort of search and rescue or med-evac.

Not married…no kids…I own a house in Denver.

I scuba dive for fun. I am certified as a Master Scuba Diver. That is really the main reason I took the job with Frontier - for the flight benefits. I wanted to find a job related to diving or saving the ocean, but it just doesn't pay well.

Anyways, that's my story. I will look forward to hearing about everyone.


Elena Cruz Cunnings said...

I miss you!! If you can fly everywhere why won't you come and see me?!? I have perfect weather you doldt!! Dani's wedding was a blast- I wish we had had more time. Cut the cards casino like sistah!

Daria said...

Tasha, that is a fantastic photo of you! I have wanted to learn to scuba dive for years (but still haven’t). I remember your love for the ocean, so that is really wonderful you’ve found a way to work that into your life! : ) After reading your update, I figured you might be really interested in visiting the Yaeyama Islands—especially, if you can speak a little Japanese. They are known for their diving opportunities!—check out these photos from diving around Iriomote Island: . Photos from my trip to the islands are at (password: dia)—no diving pics, only hiking and snorkeling, but still beautiful stuff! ;-)

Best to you, including your flight training~
Daria : )

Daria said...

hm...the second link got chopped off. pooh...

just in case this were to work--otherwise, drop me an email and I will email it to you! ;-)