Thursday, October 11, 2007

Amanda H.

My life has changed pretty radically since our reunion. On February 17, 2004 my husband, Erik, and I welcomed twin boys (Jackson Spencer and Isaac Joseph) into our world. I taught kindergarten for six and 1/2 years before that, but decided to quit when the boys arrived. So I have been a stay at home mom for the past three and 1/2 years. The first year of parenthood was pretty rough with double duty, but Jackson and Isaac have brought tons of joy into our lives and of course they are worth all the hardship we went through when they were little. It's hard to imagine life without them now. They are very different in almost every way—from their appearance to their interests: Jackson loves letters, numbers, writing, and reading. Isaac is very athletic and is great at any sport he tries, but he especially loves golf and baseball. One thing the boys have in common is their love for music. They are always singing and playing their little guitars, drums, and other various instruments.

The boys and the house keep me busy, but I also find time to sing on the worship team at church and stay involved with a Bible study and MOPS. My husband works in downtown Denver as an architect, but he is pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary. After he's done with his degree, we're fairly certain full time ministry is in our future, but we'll have to wait and see where God takes us! We still live in Lakewood, CO and don't plan to move anytime soon, but that could definitely change.

I look forward to hearing about what you all are up to!

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Daria said...

Amanda, the photo you sent of the four of you makes me smile every time I think of it! : ) Lovely— and such fun descriptions of your little boys! : )
I loved hearing about your vibrant spiritual life! = ) and what a gift that you’ve been able to be home with your boys! Wow. I can hardly wait for your next update! = ) --please let us know what happens with job and home stuff after your husband graduates…
Continued blessings to you!
Daria : )