Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jeremy J.

From Jennifer, Jeremy's wife...

For those who missed the 10 year reunion, Jeremy went to West Point after CSCS (1992 - 1996), then went to the Uniformed Services University of Health Science in Bethesda, Maryland for Med School (1996-2000). Then he did a Family Practice Residency at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, just outside Washington DC (2000 - 2003). After that we went to Germany where Jeremy was in charge of an Army Clinic near Mannheim (south of Frankfurt) (2003 - 2006). It was a job with a lot of work but we took advantage of living in Europe by traveling extensively - we saw most major cities in Western Europe and even made it up to the Baltic and St. Petersburg! I am including a picture from our favorite place, Santorini Island in Greece.

Now we live in Dupont, WA, about an hour south of Seattle. Jeremy is halfway through a 2 year fellowship in Faculty Development at Madigan Army Medical Center (Ft. Lewis) and through the University of Washington in Seattle. He is an Army Major / Family Physician on staff while going through the program. He will get a Master's in Public Health at the end of the fellowship as well.

Since the 10 year reunion (I was newly pregnant at that one) we have had two daughters... Juliana is 4 1/2 and Elise is 11 months old. We are having so much fun as parents! We do a lot of family walks together and we're enjoying this time with the girls. We have a great Bible Study and many friends here in Dupont. Juliana is in preschool and swimming right now. Jeremy is doing really well and we have enjoyed living in this area with all the outdoor activities.

We leave this area next summer and we hope to move back to the DC area again, since that is where my family lives, and Jeremy may well get deployed to the Middle East at that point. We don't know what the Lord has in store for us.

We have just returned from a trip back East to see my was my Naval Academy 10 year reunion, hence the Navy outfits!

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Daria said...

Jeremy—way-cool that you’re getting into public health stuff! = ) I am a firm advocate of the WHO’s multi-dimensional health promotion perspective (I am into the mental and behavioral health part of that, professionally). : ) Sounds like y’all have had a really great journey. : )
Please let us know if you do end up being deployed. All the best as you finish your fellowship!
Daria : )