Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lisa L.

Hello CSCS Class of 1992! (geesh I feel old!) Can't believe it's been five years already since the reunion! To bring you all up to speed...

I'm still living in Los Angeles and still working as a Script Supervisor in variety television. I did one more season of "American Idol" after the reunion and have since been doing "various" variety television. ;)

In 2004 I had the wonderful opportunity to work for two months in Cancun on "The Real Gilligan's Island," a reality show for TBS. The first month was crazy and lonely as I had to be away from my boyfriend who I'd been dating for a year. But a weeklong visit turned into a three week, labor-intensive job for him. Yes, it was nepotism at its worse, but it allowed us to see each other in passing during our 12-hour workdays. :)

That year also consisted of some "lesser-known" and much lamer reality shows.... "Outback Jack" and "Mr. Romance," anyone...anyone? :) Hey, it's a paycheck.

2005 started off with a shiver in -15 degree weather on the lawn of the ellipse in front of the White House. That was probably the dumbest of the many galas and parties thrown for the Inauguration. "Let's put on a concert outdoors in January!!" Needless to say, they figured out quick that violins don't play at that temperature. :) But I got a close-up picture of W and Laura as they made a quick exit backstage. :)

In August '05 I joined the “MADtv” team, and what a wonderful team it is! Nine months of work plus benefits (in my line of work that's unheard of) and I get to laugh all day with fun, sweet people. :) Gloria is my saving grace in a room full of boys!

I've now done 2 seasons of MAD - Seasons 11 & 12 - and am headed into Season 13 in October.

While on hiatus from MAD, I've acquired a couple of "annual shows" -- the Fox Upfront Presentation and "An American Celebration at Ford's Theatre" - or as it was this year "A Holiday Celebration at Ford's Theatre." This year we shot a Christmas show in June. That was fun! (Watch for it this year the week of Christmas on ABC!)

The Ford’s Theatre staff throws the cast and crew a reception at the Capitol that I look forward to every year. (Yes, the script department consists of Risa and Lisa.) :)

As for now, I am currently on “Last Comic Standing” and working with a friend from church. How cool is that?! I love working with a fellow Christian and friend.

On a more personal note, I am still dating and very much in love with Ed Keaveny. We're still praying and waiting on God to lead us into marriage. We’ve made some wonderful friends with a few couples from church that we’re both grateful for and who have been big influences in both our lives.

Speaking of marriage... For the last two Februarys, I've participated in castle weddings. This year my littlest sister, Michelle, got married at Glen Eyre castle. And in 2006 it was an Irish wedding in an Irish castle (my first time overseas!)

And that’s about it for me! Hope you are all well and I look forward to catching up with you.


Daria said...

Lisa—I am happy for you that you are enjoying your career and have found a position with some stability and good benefits! And how great you have such nourishing friendships in your church! = ) I wish you and Ed the best this coming year~
Daria : )

Elena Cruz Cunnings said...

I have thought of you often!! I'm in SD come and see me!! I'm excited for you. What church do you go to? I would love to hook up!

Amanda said...

Hi friend,

Had to leave a note for you. It was great to see you and Ed last week even though it was short!

Cute pictures in your update,

Love you,