Thursday, October 11, 2007

Elena C.

Ok here goes, I went to bed last night and vowed I would sit down and be a better friend and give an update...

We got evacuated from our house last Monday due to the San Diego fires and spent the whole week in Las Vegas. We live in Carlsbad, which is north county San Diego and the air quality was so bad we couldn't be in the neighborhood. The county started calling us in the middle of the night and then they sent in the police who are SO LOUD on their loud speakers and I just couldn't believe we were actually evacuating. In the history of my life when you get school cancelled it's like WOOHOOO — snow, hot chocolate, skitching, hanging out...happiness...not evacuate as fast as you can and hope for the best and go some place far that your kids can go outside. Anyway, we sat by the pool in Vegas and bowled and went to movies; it was really fun. Why do they call it Sin City...kidding.

So I live in Carlsbad and I have two kids now. My daughter Mia is 6 years old my son Liam is 3 1/2. They are totally crazy and they look like each other but not like me or Larry.

Larry and are right about to hit our 8th anniversary!! It's like what?!? I still feel like he's my college sweetheart! We were watching football yesterday, when did the quarterbacks start looking like kids?

I have a vending company that keeps me busy like 12-15 hours a week and I hang out with the kids and enjoy life. I live close to the beach and I just cannot believe how amazing the ocean is, especially when so not used to it.

I love and miss Colorado so much though, certain aspects of it make me feel a very strong yearning. My niece is a senior at CSCS and when she was getting interviewed she had to meet Mr. Micheaux. She asked if he remembered me. He did and my sister went on to give him an update and she said he looked totally shocked like "she ended up normal?!?" He said it was hard to imagine a "mature" Elena. Come on now, was I really that bad? I listened to Sandi Patty, and GLAD in my room when I was fourteen!!! I thought I was a pretty good kid!

That's all and I can't wait to hear from everyone.


Missy Parks said...

Hi Elena, I called Jill to get your #, I'm glad you are OK. Miss you and hope you are doing well. Missy

Daria said...

Elena, your update had me so smiling and giggling!! = ) —I could totally *hear* how you’d be saying everything! I am so glad you get to have so much time with your kids; awesome. I hear you about the ocean—I will so miss it if I get a job inland somewhere!!
Hey, about evacuating, that is really wonderful you got to go somewhere far away and even have fun there! I remember evacuating from the big Colorado fire in ’02—it is a crazy experience. I can’t imagine doing that with little ones!! You go, girl. ;-)
Blessings to you~
Daria : )

Stephanie said...

Elena! Glad you turned out "normal" Hehehe that one cracked me UP. I still recall the scavenger hunt at your house senior year. Wasn't Brandon carrying a TOILET? hehehehe
Hope all is well - wishing you the best!