Thursday, October 11, 2007

Content V.

 have a way of making a girl feel old! ;)

I wasn't at the 10 year reunion, so I'll go back to college...

I graduated from Southern California College, now known as Vanguard University with a degree in Phys Ed....played basketball there for a couple of years but had to give it up due to a back injury in a car accident.

Upon Graduation, I returned to teach PE and coach basketball at blessed to have had the opportunity to return the investment. :)

I went on a missions trip with News Release Basketball in 1998 and met my future husband. It took a few years of patience, persistence and some help from Holy Spirit to convince me I was the marrying kind. Praise God Sean didn't give up!

Sean and I wed in Aug of '01. It's been a wonderful journey so far and we're just getting started.

Shortly after we married, we both completed a Masters in Sport Management from the University of Florida and moved to New England to pursue a job opportunity...a few interesting twists and turns and voila...we are almost up to date!

In Sept of '06 our family was blessed by the addition of Little Miss Rayna...unexpected though she was. ;) And the past year has been one wonderful, challenging, but never to be exchanged roller coaster ride...I expect more of the same in the future.

Sean and I are serving in various capacities at our church. Much of what we do involves the youth and the young adults. We are also small group leaders.

Sean is also the AD for a small regional Christian school that the church carpeted hallways here, but no gymnasium either. We have to drive a half hour to get to practice/games during basketball season...Ugh!

I was involved with personal training before Rayna arrived and have not yet gone back, although I am back to teaching 'Health and Fitness' at Fitchburg State's one of the few things I approve of in the state of MA. Every student in the state system has to take this course, or one similar, to graduate regardless of their major. (A much needed intervention, in my opinion.) * Kris, I required my students to watch your 'Training Day' clip as part of a weekly discussion question we do online. Half of them were scandalized and totally grossed out, the other half thought it was the funniest thing ever. Keep up the good work! :)

I believe we VonRoenns will have more to report after the first of the year...we seem to be coming to a time of transition and we are seeking direction from the Lord as to what that will mean for our family. Sean and I are pretty passionate about using the venue of health and fitness to connect people with their Creator, so I anticipate that we will be flowing in that vein...whatever that means and were ever that takes us, so long as it's in line with God's purpose for our lives and our family.

Hope this note finds you all walking in the blessings that come of pursuing Christ. Whatever sacrifices you may have been asked to make, whatever valleys you may have traversed, they are worth the cost of following Him! He is so worth it!

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Daria said...

Content~ >hug< What a *beautiful* closing paragraph you left us with! I got tears in my eyes reading it—touched that your love for Jesus is so beautiful and strong, and touched by the resounding truth of what you say. Jesus IS so worth it!! so worth knowing—worth everything!! It is a blessing to hear Him and His love woven through your story, Content! Thanks be to God for His grace and love toward us. = )

I want to thank you for something else—you and Danelle. When I first came back to CSCS in 9th grade, I was so broken-down by life and so hurting, I couldn’t even interact with people normally. I remember how you and Danelle reached out to me. You both were so amazing. I have always wanted to properly thank you. I remember you making an effort to talk to me, to say hi to me, to invite me to spend time doing fun things with you. I am sorry I wasn’t in a place to respond normally even to this kindness. I have never forgotten these gestures, however! And I have sometimes prayed that God would thank you for me and bless you for your kindness—it was not a typical high-schooler thing to do. I think it shows your hearts of love and yieldedness to God. = ) So, thank you, and another hug!

It’s great to have a sister in Christ out there like you.
Daria : )