Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jason R.

It’s been great to see everyone’s updates and find out what everyone has been doing the last 15 years. Here’s my stab at an update:

I went to college near Boise, ID and graduated in 1996 with a BS in Computer Science. While in Boise, I ended up in a technical marketing role at Hewlett-Packard, then at a Boise-based software company and was able to (forced to actually) travel extensively. I think one year I earned over 150,000 sky miles. I worked in England and Germany and traveled extensively through every country in Western Europe and to all but three of the 50 states during that time. For fun, I was either mountain biking on the greatest single-track trails in the lower 48 or white water rafting the great rivers in Idaho.

I moved from Boise to Atlanta, GA in 2003 only to discover that I prefer the more liberal west to the South. I was only there for six months. Two months into my stint in GA I was lucky enough to be contacted by a recruiter for a position in Boulder. This was my first real opportunity to move back to Colorado. So, after 6 months in Atlanta, I packed up my family once again and moved them back West. I currently work in Sales for a software company in Broomfield, CO. I manage our national accounts and our partner relationships.

I am single now (for the first time since high school really) and am learning a whole new life. I have three beautiful children. Lauryn, aged 8, Will, aged 4, and Jake, aged 2.

This is a great picture of my kids (it is a year old… but I still love it). Jake (the two year old) is a little more of a terror now than he was in this picture. I think he inherited an ornery streak from someone.

For fun, I like to cycle (road bike mainly now). I like longer distance rides and can’t wait until the weather gets a bit warmer so I can get back in the saddle. I am skiing once again and have reacquired the bug to climb 14ers and enjoy all Colorado has to offer. I still travel quite a bit (for work and pleasure) I also enjoy sports and music and get to Broncos/Nuggets/Rockies/Avs games (and concerts) as often as I can.

Speaking of music (shameless plug here) – my little brother is a professional musician and is on the brink of either going broke or making it big – check his tunes out at I still hit the gym daily (not much has changed since high school) but seem to be there more out of necessity now than for fun (the joys of getting older).

Feel free to email me – especially you folks in Denver. I’d love to catch up. I can be reached at

Jake outside at Sunday school.

Lauryn just after I took her to get her ears pierced.

Will at my office.

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Daria said...

Hi Jason--Thank you for your update. You do have beautiful children! = ) I am glad you are feeling like you're adjusting and able to keep growing after your major life transition. I hope your relationship with your kids stays strong and that you find the ties between you just keep going deeper. I have found being in a parent role is an amazing way to get to know God in new ways--so I wish you new insights into God's parent heart for us, and into His amazing love.

And enjoy the CO Rocky Mountains! : )

Best to you~
Daria : )