Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stacy F.

Greetings class of ’92. Hard to believe it has been 15 years since most of us saw each other last.

I am sure we have all had ups and downs so I hope that this project that Brandon has put together finds you in the “up” times or encourages you in your “down” time.

Just this year, I made my husband sit down to watch our Class of 1992 and Graduation video. It brought many smiles to my face, many laughs to his.

Consequently, I find myself every now and then, singing (sort of) a few lines from that ever-famous rap song, “Road Kill Christian” or busting out a couple of moves from our cheerleading dance routine. I am certain I do no justice to either one!

After graduation, I went on to college and then to the Air Force. I have been an Air Force nurse for the last ten years and love it. In 1997, my little sister, Katy (6th grade when we were seniors) was killed in a car accident. It was most certainly a tragic and life-changing experience, but a reminder that though we may not always understand God’s will, it is still perfect. What an amazing blessing and comfort that is!

In 2004, I married Jeff Friesen who I met while we were stationed in England. It is great sharing my life with somebody who loves God, family and country as much as I do. We have no children of our own yet so are cherishing our titles as “World’s Greatest Aunt and Uncle” to two nieces and four nephews. ☺

Life and the Air Force have taken us all over the world and we love it more each day. In just a couple of weeks, I will be heading to Afghanistan to care for our troops and Afghani friends. I would like to think that God will use me to touch lives but something tells me that I am the life who will be touched!

Hoping to make the next reunion so that I can get to know the new people you have become and the people from back then that I maybe never took the time to know.

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Daria said...

Stacy, your update really struck my heart. What thoughtful things you said throughout. Thank you for letting us know you are in Afghanistan—I am praying for you! I had a long conversation on an airplane a couple years ago with a medic stationed there…I pray you will be finding good support, and at least one prayer partner while there.
Please let us know, when you can, how you are doing.
Grace and Peace to you~
Daria : )