Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kris G.

Greetings to those of us who graduated together from the carpeted hallways of our high school/church building, who narrowly escaped the clutches of Mr. Babbit, Mr. Chalfant, Mr. Young, Ms. March, Mrs. Borkert (who we may or may not have TP'd), and Coach Poirier (who we may or may not have stolen a key to the gym from).

After our exodus, I studied English Literature in college and then moved to Los Angeles to act and write.

I met a girl named Tawni who changed my life and we got married last year. We live in Redondo Beach and love it.

I'm a certified personal trainer and occasionally get to be on TV. (Brandon’s note: Kris is too modest. He acts with an improv comedy troupe in L.A. called The Great Adventure, is consistently in national commercials, and has even appeared in several independent films. He is also an independent writer/producer/actor).

I am still in constant contact with classmates from CSCS, who are not so much friends as family now.


Daria said...

Kris—The opening to your update made me giggle—and I can tell you studied lit and do writing. You’ve got talent, sir. ;-) oh, and—your idea about the conditioned response thing in your exercise film short was ver-y clever! >grin<
I was happy to hear of your joy, and I wish you the best in all domains~
Daria : )

Stephanie said...

Okay Kris - the first time I saw you on a commerical was the red car - what was it - a NISSAN or something? ANYWAY, I was sitting in my living room with my family and I was like "WHAT????? NO!!!!" "NOT POSSIBLE - WAS THAT...?" hahahahaha Anyway, now I look for you everytime I watch TV. Glad your life has become so amazing - so SO glad you're happy and living OUT LOUD!