Thursday, October 11, 2007

Greg B.

I hope I'm not the only dude to respond, but I've been bad about any other communication before now, so I guess it's about time. There's way too much for me to go into any great detail, so I'll try to sum it up as best I can.

I am still living in Alaska, and have been here for nine years now. I am the Recreation and School Services Supervisor at a place called Alaska Children's Services, which is a residential treatment facility for troubled kids.

However, I just got my letter of acceptance to begin the testing and interview process for the Anchorage Fire Department, so hopefully I'll be a firefighter in a few months.

I keep busy with sports (soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, basketball), traveling (went to Peru & Bolivia last winter), mountain biking, hiking, rafting, climbing, and being an uncle to my nieces and nephew.

So, there you have it, a (very) brief summary of me.

Hope this finds everyone well.

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Daria said...

Greg~ It'd be really fun to hear about your travels in S. America! Bolivia (and Ecuador) sound so enticing, what with the mountainous terrain and the various indigenous cultural groups. What's it like traveling there?--as in, could you get by with only Spanish? or were you with a tour group? Also, re: Peru, did you ever have any worries about run-ins with insurgent groups (like the infamous "Shining Path")? Where-all did you get to go? Were you doing trekking, or also volunteer-type work?

Anyway, how lovely you get to be an uncle!--lovely for you and for your nieces and nephew : ) I hope you’re showing your nieces some of the outdoor fun you report having! ;-) So nice for girls to also go play in the water, mud, snow, and trees, and with frogs or fish, or rafts, canoes, or whatever—and in Alaska, and with an uncle like you, no less! = ) hmph…I think I’m jealous, actually. hehe ;-)
I wish you the best in your new career venture, Greg.
Daria : )