Thursday, October 11, 2007

Kristi A.

Hello fellow 1992 class members! It’s been great to hear about each of you and to see your photos!

I attended UNC after graduation and received my bachelors of science in nursing. I left nursing for a few years and joined staff with the Navigators in college ministry. I worked with students at Oklahoma State University and Colorado College. After that I moved to Vietnam to teach English. I returned to Colorado in 2002 and I’ve been enjoying living in Denver for the last five years now, working as a registered nurse in an outpatient clinic. I’ve worked in oncology, general infusion and now in family practice/minor trauma with Kaiser Permanente. No weekends, evenings, holidays!

In my spare time, I love volunteering with two different ministries to international students at Denver University as well as recently beginning to assist more with the Navigator's international ministry globally.

I share a cute four bedroom house close to DU/Washington Park with three other gals. I initially had international roommates, but right now it’s all American gals—which is a lot of fun!

I’m always trying to get into the mountains as much as possible— hiking 14ers, camping, backpacking, and snowshoeing on hut trips.

Last week I went to Peru for a couple weeks. It was magnificent to trek in the Andes Mountains to meet and give school supplies to the local mountain children, and of course, hike and experience Machu Picchu. I’ve been back to Vietnam several times in the last few years as well. A year ago I went to Guatemala as part of a medical mission trip. I definitely have the travel bug and love serving in poorer countries ☺

While in Denver, I’ve connected with the Navigator’s ministry to 20-30 year olds and have really appreciated the value of “going beneath the water line” in one another’s lives and the desire to reach our friends for Christ through communities. Through this group, I’ve been doing some soul care training and developing life coaching skills.

I’m not married but do enjoy my four nieces and one nephew. I was engaged recently, but thankfully discovered that we weren’t right for each other before the marriage. That certainly wasn’t fun, but I can say I’ve learned and grown a lot through it and it has made me cling to Christ in deeper ways and led to a deeper desire to help others when life makes an unexpected left turn.

Here’s a more recent photo of my family at my grandmother’s funeral in January. My brother David’s daughter isn’t present (she’s almost 3 now) and they are expecting a boy next March.

Again, it’s wonderful to read your stories and blessings to each of you!



Daria said...

Kristi! >big hug< I am thrilled to hear from you--what awesome things you've been up to!! Now that I know your current email, I will write you for sure! ;-) (kudos again, Brandon, for facilitating this refreshing of old friendships! = ) )
Daria : )

Amanda said...

Hi Kristi!

I smiled when I saw your post! I realized as I read through all the posts that so many cool people slipped by me in high school because I allowed a couple of mean people scare me into a protective shell. Praise God that He gave me a second chance with a few--like you. I'm privileged to call you my friend! Let's get together soon!