Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stephanie A.

Last update I was living in Texas as a stay-at-home mom and magazine-article writer. I have left all of the above behind!

I am currently living in Boise, Idaho in a house that backs up to my daughter Emily's school. She'll be in first grade in the fall. Our home is right near the foothills and we have a great view of Bogus Basin ski area from our front door. I work as the Membership and Volunteer Coordinator for the Boise Art Museum. My husband Jeff works from home telecommuting to his job in Texas. I recently got a new bike and Emily and I are having fun riding together. Boise is an absolutely fantastic place to live. There is a huge focus on "FAMILY" and "HEALTH" and we are surrounded by beautiful mountains. We especially love traveling to near-by Emmett, Idaho and picking fruits in the orchards there.

Emily played in her first chess tournament last month and we have a chess board set up in our living room on the coffee table where we spend many evenings watching “Hannah Montana” and playing games.

Jeff and I celebrated ten years of marriage on July 12, 2007 with a trip to The Melting Pot and then we raced off to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. My father is living in Chicago, working in the loop and travels back to his home in Texas at least one weekend a month. My mother is currently living in Boise, but preparing to move back to Phoenix, Arizona. Jeff's family live in Boise and it's really fantastic to have built-in babysitting any time we need it!

Life is GREAT!


Daria said...

Stephanie~ Quality of life in Boise sounds really good! : ) What a blessing. I enjoyed hearing the joy and gratitude in your narrative--and how neat that you get to be by family!
Continued blessings to you~
Daria : )

Daria said...

Stephanie! >a big hug< Thank you for your encouraging comment. I don’t usually mention the really downer parts of my life to people (here in the U.S. especially, even just saying something like “my mom died” can weird people out, seems!—we’re a “happy” culture and we’re “supposed to” stay on nice happy, safe topics, if you know what I mean…).

It sounds like we’d have some stories to share, girl. ;-) How precious that we are living-out and getting to sing in our hearts the message of Psalm 40! = ) I really appreciate how you talk about your walk with God. I have to say—if you view the good and bad days as “the same,” you are on a whole different level than I!! oh boy, not I ;-) --another instance where I can say “by Grace alone”: by Grace alone can I say even something like, “well, God brought me through those horrible days, cursed be them.” Hahaha ;-) I am thankful for the lessons of the bad days, but I *like* the good days…and I am really looking forward to the good days ahead for us after Jesus finally comes and re-creates the Earth!!
Continued Grace, Joy, and Peace to you!
Daria : )

Elena Cruz Cunnings said...

You have an amazing memory!! We won by showing up with a cop that showed his lights- I think Brandon tried to contend that...booger. You sound fabulous. When did you leave colorado? My daughter is in first grade also, how's that going for you? Thank you for your comments by the way, it makes me sooo happy to keep in touch.